Sick and Tired

I have no crafting news for this week. I’m currently in the hospital. I’ve been here since Wednesday but I’ve been in pain since last Friday.  I have a condition called Hiddradentitis Supperativa. It basically means that every once in awhile I get abscesses (like boils) that get really painful and interrupt my life. I’ve had five surgeries before the one I had on Wednesday.

So my apologies for not having something fun and upbeat to post today. I’ve spent the week in so mush pain but today it’s not as severe.  So I guess that’s as upbeat as it’s going to get. Hopefully while I’m on the mend I can work on some things that I can post about next week.

Weave Two: Full Persian Heart Complete!

I’m just in time to post this in February. This weave caused me problems. Apparently I needed to relearn Full Persian. I was only vaguely familiar with this weave. All written tutorials confused me and there only a few video tutorials. Most of the video ones were not explaining the start of this weave clearly. I found this one to be the best. I could see what was going on and I could follow along.

Once I had Full Persian down, I needed to figure out how to turn Full Persian into a heart. The split and rejoin were difficult. I know I bent and scratched some rings. I was tempted to post a picture of me flipping off the mess of my first attempt. That’s how frustrated this project made me. After zooming in on this and this tutorials’ pictures, it finally clicked.

I think I did pretty well.

Next month’s weave is actually two: Half Persian 3 in 1 and Half Persian 4 in 1. They are two weaves that are worked in similar ways.

Busy Busy

I have twice weekly hospital appointments. I’ve been going since late November. Since then, I’ve sold three pairs of earrings and a bracelet to the others who come in there. It has helped me a lot when I was stressing on how to pay my monthly bills (not mention my medical bills). Last week I brought my little bag of sample weaves to one of the techs who work there. Suddenly I was surrounded by three people asking for jewelry. The most popular weave was my newly learned Vertebrae. Altogether, I received six orders – three bracelets and three necklaces.

Holy Crap!

This is on top of four orders I’m making for two coworkers – one necklace and bracelet set and two rubber bracelets. I had to order so many supplies just to keep up with demand. I also ordered rings to make February’s weave of the month: the Full Persian Heart. I hope I have enough time to make it in addition to my orders and working so many hours. I’ll post pictures soon.

Weave One: Vertebrae Complete!

I have been so busy at work that I’ve had no chance to work on my jewelry. I also have had very little supply stock to work with. But I really wanted to complete my weave of the month: Vertebrae. So I finally broke down and used my Blue Buddha Boutique gift card that I had. I received the card in November for volunteering at the DIY Trunk Show (more on that later).

I bought materials to make a Byzantine necklace and bracelet in my nemesis size: 18 swg 5/32″. A coworker ordered it from me. I also bought the last set of rings for Vertebrae. Using the size in this photo, I put 16 swg 3/8″, 18 swg 17/64″ and 18 swg 5/32″.

I worked on it last week but unfortunately, I didn’t use Tool Magic with my pliers. There were scratches all over the few rings I worked on. But I did do a few links. Vertebrae is a pretty weave and the potential for color is amazing.

I can check Vertebrae off my list. I will finish this piece and turn it into a sample to show off. Now on to my next challenge: Full Persian. Specifically, a Full Persian Heart.

Crafting and My Sanity

I just started a job after more than a year of being unemployed and unable to work. It’s a seasonal job so after four months I’ll be unemployed…again. I have to take as many hours as I can now to build up a nice cushion to live off of for the rest of the year. I want to be debt free by the end of this year.

But with all the hours in a day going to work, that leaves very little time to play with my supplies. I haven’t had the money until now to buy some more chainmaille and crafting supplies. But now I don’t have the time. When I come home from work, all I want to do is watch Netflix and fall asleep. I have no creative time.

I want to eventually start and run my business full time but right now I have to work up samples and build an inventory. I need to get a move on that. Besides that practical reason, I NEED to craft.

Crafting keep me sane this past year. I have never been unemployed for so long before. If I wasn’t working before, I would have had school to attend. I would have been kept busy. This past year I was in and out of hospitals and unable to work or even lift my arms. Luckily I didn’t need to lift my arms high to lift a pair of pliers or a crochet hook.

Crafting kept me focused and happy when I was depressed and my anxiety was high. I would craft and watch movies. It was a goal to work for when I didn’t have anything else to do. I even sold a few of my bracelets and earrings to help pay my monthly bills. (No matter how poor I was I was not going to give up my Netflix.)

Now I might not have the time but once I’ve adjusted to working again, I think I will. Without the job I wouldn’t be able to buy anything to make so there’s that.

How about you guys? Does crafting calm you down and keep you going? Or does it pump you up?

12 weaves in 12 months

I have been making chainmaille jewelry for a few years now but I haven’t really stretched myself. I’ve stuck with earrings that were simple to make. I’ve learned a few weaves for bracelets. i want to keep learning and growing especially if i want to do this for a living. That’s why I’m going to learn a new weave a month this year.

This month’s weave is “Vertebrae”. It’s a simple weave that resembles European 4 in 1. I might also make Euro 4-1 for practice. The hardest part of learning Vertebrae will be looking for the right ring sizes. I’m still learning about Aspect Ratio (AR) and ring sizes/gauges. I’ll post an update at the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll be checking Vertebrae off my weaves-to-learn list.

Happy New Year!

A new year means new beginnings for me. I have a new job opportunity after more than a year of not being able to work. I have a new determination to set up my own business. I have plenty of goals and hopes for the New Year. I hope that I can come close to completing my list. Last year on my birthday I made a list of goals and unfortunately I couldn’t fulfill any. I had my fifth surgery two months after my birthday and it has been a difficult recovery. Now I’m starting to feel better and more like my self. So I want to try to make and keep some goals.
I’m going to try to use this blog to record some triumphs and disappointments. I’m lousy at updating and writing but that’s one of the things that I’m going to work on. I think for the first few months updating might be sporadic. I don’t think I will update every day but I’m hoping for once a week so stay tuned for more.