Weave One: Vertebrae Complete!

I have been so busy at work that I’ve had no chance to work on my jewelry. I also have had very little supply stock to work with. But I really wanted to complete my weave of the month: Vertebrae. So I finally broke down and used my Blue Buddha Boutique gift card that I had. I received the card in November for volunteering at the DIY Trunk Show (more on that later).

I bought materials to make a Byzantine necklace and bracelet in my nemesis size: 18 swg 5/32″. A coworker ordered it from me. I also bought the last set of rings for Vertebrae. Using the size in this photo, I put 16 swg 3/8″, 18 swg 17/64″ and 18 swg 5/32″.

I worked on it last week but unfortunately, I didn’t use Tool Magic with my pliers. There were scratches all over the few rings I worked on. But I did do a few links. Vertebrae is a pretty weave and the potential for color is amazing.

I can check Vertebrae off my list. I will finish this piece and turn it into a sample to show off. Now on to my next challenge: Full Persian. Specifically, a Full Persian Heart.


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