Weave Two: Full Persian Heart Complete!

I’m just in time to post this in February. This weave caused me problems. Apparently I needed to relearn Full Persian. I was only vaguely familiar with this weave. All written tutorials confused me and there only a few video tutorials. Most of the video ones were not explaining the start of this weave clearly. I found this one to be the best. I could see what was going on and I could follow along.

Once I had Full Persian down, I needed to figure out how to turn Full Persian into a heart. The split and rejoin were difficult. I know I bent and scratched some rings. I was tempted to post a picture of me flipping off the mess of my first attempt. That’s how frustrated this project made me. After zooming in on this and this tutorials’ pictures, it finally clicked.

I think I did pretty well.

Next month’s weave is actually two: Half Persian 3 in 1 and Half Persian 4 in 1. They are two weaves that are worked in similar ways.


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