Weave Three and Four: Half Persian 3 in1 and 4 in1 Complete!

I’m still recovering from my surgery. I’m on the mend but I haven’t been very attentive to much of anything. I’ve spent most of the month working on custom orders that I had fallen behind on. But I did manage to complete my March weaves of the month.

Half Persian 3 in 1 (or HP3-1) was a weave that I had done before. I like making HP3-1 using rubber o-rings but I wanted to try and make it without the rubber rings. I did try it and I found that I didn’t like an all aluminum HP3-1 sample. I dont like uneven sides apparently, it doesn’t lay nicely. Ah, well.

Half Persian 4 in 1 (HP4-1) on the other hand, I really liked. It is a dense, slinky weave that feels good and looks great. After I made a sample, I decided to make myself a bracelet in two colors. It’s rare that I actually make something for me to keep but I loved the weave and wanted to show it off. I did need something to use as advertising.

These weaves were not so difficult to make. There are great videos on YouTube that are big help, especially with starting the weaves.

Now on to April’s weave of the month: Jens Pind 3. A deceptively simple looking weave that would make a great necklace.


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