Weave Five: Vipera Berus Complete!

Sometimes the weave I want to learn is not the weave I set out to make. I know in my last entry I said that I was going to learn Jens Pind 3. I had unknowingly bought two tutorials to help with this weave. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the correct rings for this weave. I promised myself that I would not buy more rings until I sell some of the inventory I have already made.

So I chose another weave that has been on my list for a while: Vipera Berus. It is a design that looks a little like a basket weave. I’ve tried three times before this month to make it. The common ring size I’ve seen used is 18swg 5/32″ (a size I use a lot). I decided to save my eyesight and my sanity and try to make the kinged version. Kinged just means that I doubled all the rings (like checkers).

The kinged version uses 18swg 1/4″ rings. I have plenty of those and in different colors to make things even easier. It took two false starts, three viewings of this video, staring intently at this tutorial and about an hour before something clicked. I actually understood what I needed to do so that this weave did not turn into a mess.

I actually took a picture!

I actually took a picture!


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