Thanks B3!

I first started chainmailling almost five years ago. I dragged my mother along to the DIY Trunk Show and Blue Buddha Boutique (B3) had a make-and-take booth set up. You could make your own pair of earrings or a zipper pull. My mom and I were hooked. Although my mother was more interested in what I could make for her than making any thing herself.

B3 started my love of chainmaille but unfortunately, after 13 years, B3 is shutting down. The owner, Rebecca, has stated her very good reason for this very hard decision in this blog post. I understand her reasons but I’m still sad that a local chainmaille source is closing. The physical B3 store closed a couple of weeks ago and the actual website will close mid April.

Since the announcement, I’ve been to the store several times. Which is exhausting because it involves a bus and two subway trains to get from Logan Square to Edgewater. Since it takes an hour and a half to get there, I tend to stock up. I’ve bought a lot of kits and tutorials that I’ve always wanted to buy (except those duckbill pliers I’ve wanted for so long).

B3 Kits

These are just some of the kits I got at B3

In honor of all that B3 and its artists have taught me and thousands of others, I’ve decided I’m going to learn 12 different B3 weaves kind of like last year when I tried to learn a different weave each month. I hope to do a better job than last year too.


Weave Ten: Double Spiral Complete!

I’m so fricking behind on these weaves to learn. I finally finished September’s weave of the month.

The color choices don't show off this weave as much as I'd like.

The color choices don’t show off this weave as much as I’d like.

Double spiral was not that hard to learn, I was just being lazy. I just got a new job last month and I guess I pushed everything to the side. There is not much to say about this weave. I used B3 (Blue Buddha Boutique)’s free tutorial and it worked up really quick.

The most time consuming part was opening all the rings but that’s what is boring for every one of the weaves I know. I used rings that I had around but I don’t really like the combination. I think the colors are too dark. Maybe if I had used a light green or maybe silver that might have worked better. Oh well, it’s done and I can cross another weave off the list. Next month is going to be another simple one: Cloud Cover and Four Winds. Two weaves in one go to try and catch up to my list. Watch out for that one soon.