Sick and Tired

I have no crafting news for this week. I’m currently in the hospital. I’ve been here since Wednesday but I’ve been in pain since last Friday.  I have a condition called Hiddradentitis Supperativa. It basically means that every once in awhile I get abscesses (like boils) that get really painful and interrupt my life. I’ve had five surgeries before the one I had on Wednesday.

So my apologies for not having something fun and upbeat to post today. I’ve spent the week in so much pain but today it’s not as severe.  So I guess that’s as upbeat as it’s going to get. Hopefully while I’m on the mend I can work on some things that I can post about next week.


One thought on “Sick and Tired

  1. renarouchon says:

    Wow. I as well have this just went in for surgery myself. Good bless and keep posting


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